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Dear Sirs,

Just a note to let you know how impressed my 10-year-old daughter was with your garage door spring replacement service, and in particular, with your technician named Andy.

Andy was patient enough to explain everything he was doing, step by step. I guess Andy really loves his job, because he kept gushing to my little Sophia about how great garage doors and openers are, and how automatic garage doors are the backbone of society. What a character that Andy is! He couldn’t stop gushing about how fabulous and advanced modern “smart” garage door openers are.

That really impressed Sophia, so she decided to write her class assignment titled “My Hero” about our garage door.

It was magnificent! After weeks of preparation, little Sophia poured her heart into a labor of love, consisting of a presentation full of praise for the neglected garage door, a 45-minute Powerpoint presentation extolling the virtues of modern laminate doors, and a 1:47 scale actual working garage door diorama. A tear came to Sophia’s eye as she extolled the virtues of the modern garage door opener, pointing out to her tiny classmates how awesome and cost-effective the garage door is, how it beautifies your home, protects your vehicle, and keeps your family safe from intruders.

But then her teacher stood up, announced that an inanimate object like a garage door could never, ever be a hero, gave little Sophia a D-minus, and threw her diorama in the trash.

Sophia will probably have to repeat the 4th grade now.

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